Leadership Team

KDay Middle East PhotoOur Campus Minister, Rev. Kathleen is available for pastoral care, crisis intervention, discernment, helping you find the right person on campus for your particular problem or concern, prayer or just chatting over coffee.  Kathleen is married to “hippie Mickey” and has a daughter, Chelsea, who lives and works with nonprofits in LA.  Susie, her golden retriever is also an ACTIVE member of our ministry!  Kathleen is engaged in peace work and sustainability issues.  She loves the outdoors!

Office Hours may vary, but you’ll usually find me at the Campus Ministry Center: Mon (1-8 pm); Tues (1-8 pm); Thurs (5-7); and Saturdays 9-1.

Email:  ucm.nau@gmail.com

Facebook:  United Christian Ministry at NAU

Cell phone:  Email me and I’ll gladly share my phone number.


AmyRonnAmy Ronn is an NAU alum and special ed teacher at Marshall Elementary.  She is also the NAU Women’s Rugby coach.  Amy is a world traveler, fluent is Spanish, she loves people and culture.  Amy takes a leadership role with our Women’s group, our work for Syria and mentoring students.  Her goal is to have a sit-down with everyone involved to learn their passions and get them connected.


matt harrisMatt Harris is an NAU and Chandler School of theology alum.  Matt works at the Guidance Center of Flagstaff, serves on the Board of Higher Ed for the Desert Southwest Conference and has leadership positions at Trinity United Methodist Church in Flagstaff.  Matt is the Master of Trivia and puns!  He leads our Men’s small group, co-leads the community garden efforts, lends his theological knowledge to shape the heart of our ministry.  Matt is always up for conversation and some fun!


We are looking to expand our leadership team, so email us at ucm.blue@gmail.com if you would like to get involved!






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A welcoming, interfaith community inviting students and Flagstaff residents an opportunity to create a shared space for justice, peace, and worship.

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