About United Christian Ministry @ NAU

We are a diverse social, political, cultural and theological group of young adults connected to NAU and CCC and the Flagstaff community.

Not everyone is sure where they stand with faith politics, or various social controversies;


Our readiness to journey together as a community from all kinds of different denominations and church experience–journey towards faith, justice and love that we come to understand through worship, prayer, conversations, study and most important, the life and teachings of Jesus.

We are supported by the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church USA, Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ. We welcome young adults from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs.

We host hikes, live music, coffee houses, game nights, retreats, Bible studies, worship servicemission outings!

We would love to see you at some of our events this year! 

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Above: Hosting freelance Journalist Theo Padnos for a Kayla Mueller Legacy Conversation: Peace in the Middle East with the Martin Springer Institute (2016)

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Above: International Day of PEACE in downtown Flagstaff (2015)

15_Yarnell Team2


Above: Yarnell Community Garden Project (2014)

Displaying UCM logoenhanced.pngOut of our ministry, our Just Peace program hosts talks, movies, discussions and action on issues of peace and justice, from diverse and thought-provoking perspectives and faith traditions.

In the past, our hearts have been with Syria and the Yazidi Girls as we honored our late friend and Just Peace alum, Kayla Mueller. More recently, we have begun to shift our focus to more local issues such as immigration justice, prison reform, and ending hatred and fear in whatever ways possible here at home and abroad.

“As long as I live I refuse to allow this suffering to be normal” -Kayla Mueller

We too will do what we can to relieve the suffering of others by becoming informed, lifting our voices, extending our friendship, and being active against injustice.

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Above: Hosting Muslim human rights activists Jihad Abdulamumit and Mauri Saalakhan (2017)


Above: A Jazz Night fundraiser for Syrian refugees in honor of Kayla Mueller (2015)

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A welcoming, interfaith community inviting students and Flagstaff residents an opportunity to create a shared space for justice, peace, and worship.

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