United Christian Ministry at NAU

We are a diverse social, political, cultural and even theological group of young adults connected to NAU and CCC and the Flagstaff community.

Not everyone is sure where they stand with faith politics, or various social controversies;


is our willingness to journey together as a community from all kinds of different denominations and church experience–journey towards faith, justice and love that we come to understand through worship, prayer, conversations, study and most important, the life and teachings of Jesus

Supported by the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church USA, Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ, we welcome young adults from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs

lovewins315_Yarnell Team2kmem_guat_recy

We also host  hikes, live music coffee houses, game nights, retreats, Bible studies, service and mission outings

Just peaceOut of our ministry, Just Peace hosts talks, movies, discussions and action on issues of peace and justice.  Drawing a very diverse and interesting group of people from a wide range of faith traditions and social consciousness.

This year our hearts are in Syria as we honor our friend and Just Peace alum, Kayla Mueller, who was kidnapped in Syria in August 2013 by ISIS and killed in February 2015.  Kayla was working with humanitarian relief organizations providing aide to Syrian refugees in Turkey.  Remembering her words, “as long as I live I refuse to allow this suffering to be normal” we too will do what we can to relieve the suffering of refugees by becoming informed, lifting our voices, extending our friendship and raising money.


Visit www.forkayla.org  a website created by two of her NAU friends for more about Kayla

Or Ripples, a video and song tribute by her childhood friend posted on Youtube


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